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membership application 2016
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LOGO Ravalli County Off-road Ravalli County Off Road User Association

P.O. Box 72, Hamilton, MT 59840

Membership Application or Renewal 2016

Date ________________

Single ($10) _____ Single Lifetime ($150) _____ Family ($20) _____ Business Sponsor ($100) _____ Donation $ _______

Mail all remittances to the above address.

Individual and Family Membership runs from January 1 to December 31. Business sponsor for one year from date paid.

For individual and family memberships indicate names of all family members. For business sponsor indicate business name and website.

Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________ State ____________________________ Zip Code _______________

Telephone: ____________________________ Cell: _____________________________ Fax ___________________________________

e-mail address: __________________________________________

Number of off road users in family: __________ Referred by: ____________________________________________________________

Do you want e-mails sent to you? ALL __________ ONLY MEETING NOTICES _____________ NONE ________________

Do you want the newsletter e-mailed to you (in color)? ____________ or a printed version mailed (black & white)? _________________

Your privacy is important to us. Your information is only used for club purposes and is not shared with any outside entity. Notify us if you do not want your name or picture published in our newsletter or on our website.