2018 Ideas the club is working on!

2018 Ideas the club is working on:

Yard Sale: planning is underway to host a yard sale in April or May with a possible breakfast or lunch to be available at a small cost. Will be posting a list of items that we will not take like TV’s & Refrigerators.

Military Ride: Brent is working on organizing this great ride again, hoping to have the “Black Pot” club do the cooking. Hoping to have the ride shortly after the gates open, so mid to late June.

Fun Ride: We are looking for ideas for places to have the ride and dates that will work. One idea is to have on the Darby Trails system and at Rye Creek Lodge.

Face Book: It has been suggested we have an open Face Book Page that members can post rides on and other info. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this please let the board know.