Please send letters to our Representatives regarding HR 3990

In October The House Natural Resources Committee took an important step by approving
legislation that would make major revisions to the Antiquities Act of 1906.
H.R. 3990 places a cap of 85,000 acres on the size of a National Monument any President
can designate. Any designation ranging from 10,000 to 85,000 acres to become effective
must first receive the approval of the counties, state legislatures and governors where the
proposed National Monument is located. Also, if a President were to decide to reduce the
existing size of a National Monument (greater than 85,000 acres), Congressional approval
would be required.
HR 3990 would put the designation of new National Monuments into local and state
governments where a designation is located, not Washington politics.
Please reach out to our elected Representatives in the House to urge support for H. R.
3990. H.R. 3990 strikes the right balance in limiting the abuses in monument designations
while retaining the need and flexibility in designating those areas that deserve special
recognition and protection.