Open House for the Darby Trails

July 22nd RCORUA will host a Open House for the Darby Trails at Bitterroot
Adventures—458 Rye Creek Road. Al’s Cycle is providing food with club members helping with
side dishes. See Flyer on page 4. If you want to camp: Brent & Billie Nelson (Rye Creek Lodge/
Bitterroot Adventures) have room by the shop, follow the signs or just come for the day! Thanks to
the grants from Polaris Corporation, Yamaha Corporation and the Western Montana Trail Riders
(Polaris Grant) and Bitterroot National Forest we were able to get these trails built. The major
clearing was done by Full Moon Trails and the connector trails constructed by Parke Scott. More
information to come soon. The club will be hosting the Open House and providing guided rides for
those that wish to go as a group. We will start at 9 AM. PLEASE ATTEND THE JULY MEETING TO